Before I was introduced to quilting by my aunt Roni, I was sure that only old ladies quilted, and only made traditional block quilts.  When I started flipping through one of the "watercolor" quilt books she brought over, I was hooked, and a whole new world was opened to me. My first quilt was an "art" quilt, though I have made some traditional quilts as gifts.  I am now fascinated with all styles of quilting, especially admiring precision piecing and handquilting - things I don't have the patience for!

Most of my inspiration comes from the Lord.  The Word of God is full of love, wisdom, and truth.  I often use scripture verses in my work, either as a quiltng stitch, hand written with ink, or inkjet printed on fabric.  I am also inspired by nature, the wonders of creation.  I am never without my camera or sketchpad, to capture beautiful textures and forms.

I incorporate various techniques into each quilt, including piecing, appliqué, hand-dyed and painted fabrics, beading, felting, digital photography/inkjet printing on fabric, and threadwork.

I received a BFA with a major in printmaking from San Francisco Art Institute in 1995.  I loved  printmaking for its diversity of techniques and applications, and I find quiltmaking equally diverse and exciting, without all the messy cleanup.

I am a homeschooling mother of three, an early-morning quilter, and wife to my wonderfully supportive husband, Jeff.



International Quilt Association, "A World of Beauty"  2008, Houston, TX
Praise III  Awarded 2nd Place in People, Portraits, and Figures category

Studio Art Quilt Associates, "A Sense of Time"  2008

International Quilt Association, "West Coast Wonders" 2008, Long Beach, CA

Road to California 2008, Ontario, CA

International Quilt Festival 2007, Houston, TX, "A World of Beauty"

National Quilt Association 2007, Columbus, OH

Pacific International Quilt Festival 2007, Santa Clara, CA

Husqvarna Viking, "Imagine That!", Various venues, 2006-2008
Nana's Rose Garden
The Dance